How does it work?

Once you contact us for Debt Collection Service we start working your accounts within 48 hours. We prioritize each account according to the balance outstanding and delinquency date. Some accounts are skip-traced to locate the debtor so that we make formal contact to communicate with each customer or business.

What are the Fees for this service?

We "Do Not Charge" unless we collect payments! All rates range from 25% to 45% of the asset or payment recovered. If you require us to leave door tags or documents at the customer's residence or commercial business there is a document handling fee of $12 per account.

What forms of payment do you collect from the customer?

We accept Cash, Checks, Credit Cards and Money Orders. All payments are turned over to the Lien Holder or Business within 24hrs or on the following business day.

What states do we operate in?

We operate in all 50 states! Are headquarters is located in San Antonio Texas.

How do I know my accounts are being worked?

Clients receive a weekly status reports on their accounts being worked out in the field. There is a history journal created that allows every client to monitor all activity associated with their customers account.

How does the repossession process work?

Once it's been established on the account you authorized us to repossess and return the asset back to you, this document is presented to the Debtor to validate the recovery. When the debtor complies your asset is returned within 24 hours or on the next business day. Once the asset or merchandise is returned to the client payment must be paid immediately upon delivery.

What are you business hours?

Monday - Friday: 9am to 9pm

What type of Debts do you collect on?

We collect all types of Debt Payments: Payday Loans, Car Payments, Medical Bills, Mortgage Payments, Home Association Dues, Legal Services, Commercial Loans, Cable T.V, Construction Projects, Heavy Equipment, Rental Equipment, Furniture, Appliances and much more. Call us today and I'm sure we can help your business!

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